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Procurement Technical Assistance Program PTAC

  • Your official source for government contracting assistance.
  • Step by step assistance in securing government contracts.

Local Office:

Bear River Association of Governments

Contact: Cindy Roberts – Regional Manager

Contact via contact page on this site to schedule an appointment.

Monday – Thursday 9:00 am – 4:30 pm.

About PTAC

Last year, PTAC helped Utah companies land more than $700 million in government contracts. What’s PTAC? How can your business carve its own slice of that revenue? Keep reading….

Government contracts are a two-sided opportunity: They create growth within a particular market while also providing a substantial revenue boost, but they also involve a maze of procedures and paperwork that can discourage entrepreneurs. The good news is that Utah’s Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) levels the playing field and opens the door to government contracts. To help your business with each phase of government contracting (federal, state, local), counselors lead one-on-one and group instruction to help companies identify the right opportunity and the right approach. And with seven offices throughout the state, PTAC assisted in the completion of more than $700 million in contracts last year for Utah small businesses.

Dig into the details of government contracting by following the links on this page. Its easier than you think. We promise.

There are a couple of important registrations required for doing business with the federal government. In order to complete them, you must obtain a Data Universal Numbering System ID, of DUNS Number. This is a key identification used in registering for federal contracting. The second registering is SAM. It can be obtained by going to: This registration is a basic requirement for doing business with the federal government. It is used by agencies and large prime contractors to learn about your business when you make contact with them regarding contracting and subcontracting opportunities. Also, and importantly, it is through this site that you will be paid after having received a contracting award. There are other registrations required by various agencies, but these two are important for all government contracting opportunities.

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