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The CBRC Commercial Kitchen is available for hourly rent to businesses producing a food product to be sold in such places as Farmers’ Markets, online, and in grocery stores. Food may also be prepped for usage offsite. The kitchen will not be used for catering services. Tenants must have a current food handler’s permit for all employees; have recipes reviewed by Utah Department of Agriculture and obtain a Utah Department of Agriculture certification; have or work with CBRC to create a business plan; and have HAACP plans, as needed. The kitchen is a shared space facility. Occasionally, more than one tenant at a time will be using the kitchen. Each tenant will pay the full rental rate. The facilities is available 24/7 with scheduled times. You must be on the schedule to use the facilities. Tenant is responsible for full cleaning after each use. Usage will be at the discretion of kitchen management. Failure to adhere to health regulations or kitchen policies will result in termination of kitchen privileges.

The kitchen provides commercial scale appliances, as well as some home scale equipment. Tenants must provide their own equipment as needed, removing it from premises after each use.

Rates: 1-4 hours: $25;  4-8 hours: $50
Storage, as available – .50 cents per square foot/month
Storage cabinet – $5 per month
Tenant insurance must be carried by each business.
Tenants will be responsible for breakage of equipment is used with negligence.
Tenants will be prosecuted for theft of equipment.

Contact CBRC Kitchen Manager at 435-760-7937 for more information.

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